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© 2004Paul Taylor
Christmas at St Cuthberts
A corner pinnacle from the tower, blown down in a gale!
The Almshouses
Church Farm
St Cuthberts Church, Shustoke, is situated at Church End, between Shustoke village and Furnace End. As well as the Church, there are the Almshouses, which used to be the old primary school, a number of other residences and The Griffin pub.
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If you wish to discuss any matters with the Vicar, The Rev Diane Couture, she can be contacted by E-mail.
St Cuthberts
Assistant Curate  Revd Marjorie Walton 01675 464641

Church Wardens
Philip Shaw  01675 481511
Keith Woodward  01675 463358   
Not too late one evening
A sight out of the blue
came just by chance before me
It was a perfect view

A little church upon a hill-
so majestic
Its windows shining with pale warm light
The spire a-glow against the starless sky-
so enchanting.

All was quiet, the air so still
What a sight to behold!
Within those walls - age-old stories forever told,
Memories forever held.

I could not take my eyes away
and never will forget the day
I saw the church at Shustoke

GRP - December 2002